25 March 2024

Now Now Now Updated April '24. Right now …I’m adding some musical ideas to this part of my website My electronic music making setup right...

Edu Blog Post

12 May 2023

BlogPost template by Adobe Dreamweaver Post Title SOME AWESOME HERO TAGLINE Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut...


25 June 2021

Monday No Equip Push up Pull up Sit ups Back raises Squats Ready to Run Hip extension: Couch stretch (page 114), 2 min each side...

Ten Tips For Talking To Your Dog About Stock Market Volatility

13 July 2020

10 Tips for Talking to Your Dog About Stock Market Volatility 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Posting From Mobile

09 July 2020

A New Post Writing and publishing a blog post on my site using from an Android phone. Hoping this is a good tool to...

Gorgeous Aquarium Residents

05 March 2020

Cpl Michael J Schoepfer

26 December 2019

This is a personal post dedicated to my cousin, Corporal Michael J Schoepfer, United States Marine Corps. Rest in Peace Michael John (12/26/1980 - 9/21/2019)...

Mathemagician At Sleepy Droner Club

25 November 2019

This past Saturday ‘The Mathemagician’ performed at the SI art space for this months ‘Sleepy Droner Club’. The night started with an experimental electronic set...

Match Email Address

11 October 2019

This content was taken from Chris Albon Written in Jupyter Notebook, then posted to github page using the convert function in Anaconda Prompt, taken from...

Image Mapping

11 October 2019

Click on Twitter Links: Same image, but written with the ‘responsive’ class in Markdown. This image will re-size according to browser window, but no image...


13 August 2019

Steve’s Musical Gear Inventory Spreadsheet - Google Sheets

Python for Data Science

05 August 2019

Data Visualizations in Python and Jupyter Notebook Link to NB Viewer # Basic Strings in Python variable1= "This is a sample string" print (variable1) This...

Naming Convention

02 August 2019

Stephen G. Schoepfer Administrative Education Analyst, NYC Dept. of Education Data Manager, Staten Island Borough Office Master of Science in Information Systems, Database Systems degree...

Business Intelligence Projects

02 August 2019

Microsoft Power BI Background I installed ‘Power BI Desktop’ on my work PC at the end of January 2018. Since this product is the next...


29 July 2019

Data Visualizations in Python and Jupyter Notebook Link to NB Viewer import pandas as pd from matplotlib import pyplot as plt x = [1, 2,...

Nested List With Inline html

09 July 2019

Header List Item 1 Nested Level 1 Nested Level 2 # This is a para. Another para. List Item 1 Nested List Item 1  List...

All My Music Online

03 July 2019

MySpace They took down all of these songs! BandCamp SoundCloud SoundCloud Blend Architecture


28 June 2019

Sat June 29th, BBall tourney @ House of Sports Sun June 30th, PhilUSA Playoffs vs. ‘Green’ Mon July 1st, Yoga Tue July 2nd, BBall @...

What's Happening at the Studio?

29 April 2019

Idea: Running log of studio sessions Doing this will keep my momentum up on musical projects, and help me to gain clarity, in a musical...


23 April 2019

Online Education Microsoft Power BI Recipes SQL Server Reporting Services JavaScript SQL Server Analysis Services Audio Mastering Buy Me a Coffee So I can continue...


23 April 2019

Notes on my pursuit of a MS Info Systems, Database Systems Touro College, Graduate School of Technology Course Title 605 Strategic Management of Technology 607...

For Sale

19 April 2019

Wares I occasionally list things for sale on the following sites. eBay NYC Craigslist Etsy Here is an inventory spreadsheet of some of my musical...

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