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Microsoft Power BI


I installed ‘Power BI Desktop’ on my work PC at the end of January 2018. Since this product is the next step for Excel nerds like myself, I wasted no time designing reports to share with colleagues. I had a ‘workspace’ on O365 that worked with the desktop app. I would create reports on PBI desktop and then push them to the O365 workspace, where I could share them publicly. I had to publish everything publicly in order to share them efficiently as a hyperlink, colleagues didn’t have PBI licenses at the time.

Things got lost when I had the central technology department start a SharePoint group with the same name as my PBI workspace, so I lost all of the ‘workspace’ things that were pushed from desktop to O365. Not a huge deal, because the things I had created were still saved as .pbix files on my desktop, and the published reports were still live via the public links.


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Academic Performance vs. Economic Need Index Bi-Variate Scatter Plot

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