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Mathemagician At Sleepy Droner Club


This past Saturday ‘The Mathemagician’ performed at the SI art space for this months ‘Sleepy Droner Club’.

The night started with an experimental electronic set by Rory & AJ, which included an amplified, metal, musical “tree” that makes distorted wind-chime-esque sounds when hit with a mallet. Those sounds were then sent to outer-space and back by an effect processing unit.

The Mathemagician, appearing as a bass and guitar duo with plenty of effect chains, summoned a noise-rock-distorted-groovy-dissonant-jam-filled set. I recorded it using Smart Recorder Android App on a Google Pixel 2 XL. I used Adobe Audition to change the .wav file into an .mp3 (no plugins) and am now hosting the .mp3 file here on this blog.

Listen & Download - The Mathemagician Live @ Sleepy Doner Club November 2019

‘Amawalk’ closed out the night with a deep-bass set, slightly reminiscent of Shpongle, which is a big compliment, as I’m a fan of Shpongle.

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